Monday, July 28, 2014


Congrats to Andy and Andrea!  Meet the newest addition to our team Remington!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wednesday ride with the Vicious crew

Went riding with the boys from Vicious Cycles last night, we stopped for some much needed hydration at the top of Big Dipper!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

So, my buddy larry and I decided to do MBO this year.  I think we found a yearly trip.  Oakridge in the summer is a great place to ride!  That's f you like giant old growth forests, miles of narrow single track and shuttle that eliminate most of the climbing.  Oh yeah not mention beer!!  This little restraunt
to the left in the pic was at the bottom of one of their epic trails, Alpine.  The shuttle was running behind which gave us time for a burger and beer.  Plus we got to check out the cool old covered bridge.  Oregon Adventures has this thing dialed, can't make MBO get a group of 5-10 people and Randy will hook you up with your own get away weekend.  They will shuttle you, they have a campground on the river, hot springs down the road and a tasty brewery in Oakridge that has outstanding food and good beer!  It truly is Disney Land for mountain bikers....

Explorations: White River Remix- Final Fat Tire Revolution Serie...

Explorations: White River Remix- Final Fat Tire Revolution Serie...: As I write this we are just past a week of record temps; I saw 106F here. Now, it’s been raining for hours and only 58F… ONE week later...

A sport class rider recount of a great finale to the FTR SERIES!

SPECIAL NOTE:  Team SET Coaching/HILTI-NW was able to pull of yet another CAT 2 overall series 1st place!  AND the Cat. 3 overall 1st Place!!

Great Work Team!

Charlie Writes:

The fat Tire Revolution wrapped up with a great racing ride weekend in the Green water area! What a great birthday present for me! The conditions were a little wet but not bad for race time.  Who doesn’t enjoy wet roots and a little mud.  There was a short one mile section or so of good rooty single track followed by half a mile or so of climbing thru single track then the no fun part.  Six miles on the road climbing doesn’t do well for this Clydesdale.  I need single track to keep focused otherwise I’m like a dog chasing a ball!  I had a good time saying hello to everyone passing me, waved goodbye to everyone in my class as they spun out of sight as well.  The MP3 player had good music and I knew an awesome downhill was coming.  The downhill didn’t disappoint, so much fun and then we wrapped up with the lower loop at the bottom. 

The team had some great success this year, we wrapped up first place in the Team overall in Cat2 and Cat 3.  Eric Armstrong and I finish right next to each other again.. 2nd and 3rd in Cat2 Clydes, will we ever catch Peter?  Landon heether 1st overall Cat 18 under, Jerry Schliesman 3rd , Tyler Claar 5th in 19-34 cat 2, John Burke 1st in cat 2 45+, Mark Holtzinger missed a few races to injury and still gets 5th in 55+ Warren Hurley came on strong in 7th 55+ cat2 as well.  Travis Heether wrapped up 1st in Cat 3 Clydes and our youngster Julian Parker (JP) wins a tightly contested 10 and under in Cat 3.
Congrats everyone on a great series, way to go!!!!

Mad props on Sunday for a fantastic recovery ride climbing Ranger Creek (3,000 ft in 6 miles) and coming back down Palisades.  JP was right there with the adults and shredded the downhill!  Great riding for a ten year old for sure!!  Good time, great weekend and we even got to enjoy nectar from Ironhorse Brewery along the way.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Leavenworth Bike and Brew

Yet another great race was on deck for Leavenworth Bike and Brews.  Every race in FTR has been different, and this one was capped with a long dusty fire road climb, single track and fire road descents.  Normally they would have more singletrack on this one, but recent logging forced some changes.  Still, the guys know how to put together a well-marked, casual and fun venue. 

 I started the day by arriving early and doing a pre-ride with another Cat 2 racer.   On the course preview we climbed at a moderate pace, noting some dust, but nothing too horrific. Route line was going to be a factor if in a bunch, but should be ok once the group spread out. What really got my attention were the singletrack water bars on the descent. The bars were steep and launching was awkward with often-poor landing area visibility, too much vertical, and sometimes a corner immediately after the bar. After the singletrack the ride goes down a dirt road, with a few sharp corners and smaller water bars to watch out for. On the last 2 races I have done a course preview and definitely recommend the preview for course obstacle orientation and pacing.


When it came to the start the dust clouds from the first two groups amazed me. Yep, I would go for the front, but keep the pace reasonable since this one has a long sustained climb and a blow up on the first 5 minutes wouldn't do. Off we go, a couple other guys are on my pace with a good hard, but just over ok effort on the climb. I had a 'rabbit' to chase for most of the climb with a Wenatchee rider solidly in my sights. Maybe 3/4 from the top, he faded and I passed. I attacked the single-track, cutting it close on a couple corners after launching off the water bars.   The recon earned its time, and I was able to catch one of the remaining 2 riders ahead from an earlier wave after the single-track descent. I hit the dirt road descent hard, enjoying the flight time on the water bars, but scaring myself with a front first landing on one. End of lap one. I'm leading my category, have one rider ahead and one close behind.


Now I realize that the pace on lap one was high, as I am really suffering on the lap 2 climb. The rider ahead is pulling away and the one behind is coming up fast. I go as hard as I can sustain. (I’m pretty sure I have blown a gasket as this ascent is lasting forever.) Rider 2 passes and I enter deeper into the pain tunnel.  Finally, I enter the single-track with the leaders out of site, but decide to take it a bit easier and safer on this lap anyway. As I am coming through, I see a teammate carrying his bike, Ho no. A shout confirms it's ok to keep going and I catch a rider ahead at the top of the dirt road. A few turns and the recently passed rider hits the deck on a sharp corner. A quick glance back makes me think he is probably ok as I charge on. Soon, I can see hints of dust from the lead rider. Hmmm, maybe I could speed this up and make the catch. Approaching the end of the course I see the leader, but time is running out fast. We just hit the final single-track with me tight behind the leader.  Too bad, there was no opportunity to pass, but as I started in a later wave, I got the best overall time for cat2. Race over, it's time to enjoy the sun and say hi to other riders. 


In the end I get to meet several team riders and eat some well earned food. I had to head for home before the awards ceremony, but a buddy was in attendance to get my swag. It was a great surprise to see that the first place metal is totally rockin’ cool. Yup, It’s a bicycle chain, cog, bottle opener for the first place finish.


Next up is white river, where I will enter my first race as a cat1.  I've got the series locked up for cat2, so this seemed like the time to upgrade. Happy riding. –John Burke.

Let's get it on!

Pre Bike Snafu
Charlie Catching Some Air
I've never seen Warren near a bike without a smile.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ski to Sea Report by John Burke

Memorial day was an epic day up in Bellingham.  The Ski to Sea race starts with cross country skiing then transitions through alpine climbing / skiing, running, road biking, canoeing, cross country bike then kayaking with a eight person team.  I teamed up with a bunch of friends and a fun non-completive team that was set for an adventure.  The first two events got off without any weather issues, but the rest of us got to enjoy a light rain for most of the day.  We avoided drama my mostly staying at the back with most of our team using non-race gear.  ;-)

The Team


I, of course, had a more competitive mindset and headed out on a cyclocross bike to brave the mud, dirt, pavement and railroad tracks.  Yes, railroad tracks.  Near the finish line they routed us down between the rails for fun riding over the rain soaked, back wrenching, and muddy railroad ties.  This was not a good section for the CX bike as it bucked like a bronco and forced me to ride slowly just to keep traction. 


Overall it was a great race that I would recommend it anyone wanting a big multi sport team adventure.  This was my second year and I would happily do the race again, although I might make a play to doing a different race leg.  There is a great turnout here with lots of super athletes, some exotic gear, a few great costumes, and lots of friendly folks out for a fun adventure.  Just keep in mind, that this is shoulder season for the skiing, biking and kayaking, so Mother Nature can dish out some serious adversity this time of year up here. Yes, I was rain soaked, happy, and muddy both years I have done this.