Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Just In Time For Christmas- NEW SPONSOR!!

Wow, what a Christmas present we got last week!  A new sponsor!  We are proud to announce that we will be working closely with Iron Horse Brewery out of Ellensburg,WA.  I lived in Ellensburg for a few years and what a great small E. WA town.  It's a great valley and if you love to fly kites then it's the next best thing to the ocean.

Iron Horse has been sponsoring the Fat Tire Revolution Series with a lot of tasty brews and now, they will be helping us build on last seasons success.  So, if you go to your local grocery store and you see their distinct logo, try it, I think you will be surprised.  I like the big hitting Irish Death Dark Ale.   Better yet, if your in Ellensburg, try out their pub in Downtown.  You can't miss it.

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Crazy weather on the shortest day of the year in Yakima.  Yesterday I was riding the road bike, grumpy since it was somewhat foggy, rainy and forty degrees!  Today sunny and 55 out.  The local trails were perfect!  My ace riding partner Bailey and I had a great day!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

And now you know..

The guys down at Specialized got a new wind tunnel this year and have been having lots of fun with it.  I had been wondering about this myself...


I will say I got disc on my new crossbike and there is a world of difference on the descents.  As I now essentially have mountain bike braking power, I have been really free to cut loose with no fear of lack of power, fade, or hot rims.  If you are in the market for a new road or cross bike, I'd definitely give serious thought to a disc brake model.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

New Sponsor Announcement

We are proud to be working with ESI Grips out of sunny Southern California.  The team at ESI is just plain awesome and easy to work with.  We are really happy to be working with them.  I just happen to be a dedicated fan of the silicone grip they produce and I will be writing up an extended use review.  It's going to be a story of solving hand related problems and an honest review of a secure, comfortable grip.  Stay tuned.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Worth Something

This isn't "news" per se, but I never got around to posting it when it was.  It's interesting how much time that the Lycra can shave off.  It makes perfect sense though.  Still, I know a lot of guys who won't wear lycra since "roadies" wear the stuff.  Good thing I do both.

Race Time- Lycra vs. Baggies- and those are "race" baggies not cut-off jeans and a flannel.

I have said it before and I dare say it again, I would take the "over priced underwear" we call lycra in a race any day.  It just feels faster.  Now, how do we talk these companies into making reasonably priced lycra?  Have you priced Assos lately! Check out some here.   I don't care who hand sews it, unless it's sewn with gold thread, it shouldn't cost that much!  Unless your a one percenter' and then that is probably the amount of money that just fell into your couch cushion.  

I used to find pretty good second hand thrift jerseys at Goodwill, but they went to the Boutique store setup and now they sell old, Seattle to Portland (aka STP) ride jerseys for 45 dollars and crappy Tyvek windbreakers from various places for 30 dollars.  Even the Goodwill is getting into it.

I guess I will just keep wearing the tired, thread bare stuff I got... even if it does offer more to show then a scene from Magic Mike.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

NEW Sponsor

We are excited to announce  that we are working with Full Speed Ahead, a local company.   Two of our main focuses for 2015 is youth involvement and partnering with local companies, or as local as we can get.  FSA is very local, located in Mukilteo, WA near Everett, WA- which is all North of Seattle.

One of the cool things about FSA is that they have such a huge inventory of parts and are grassroots available.  They like to work with small race teams and help us achieve our goals as we help spread the word about great companies, like FSA.

A big thanks to FSA.

Interesting update:  Velonews has a photo essay on the FSA factory.  Check it out HERE.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Race Report - Wild West Cyclocross Series - Limbaugh Takes Series 2nd Overall

For those of us that know John he doesn't brag he just gets it done.  Sorry John but had to brag on you just a little.  Here are some pics of John placing 2nd overall in the Wild West Cyclocross Series.  Best of all John's son Nathan has taken to the sport as well.  Can't wait to see what the young guns can do in the near future.


Oh yeah for the sponsors...That's a Giant Bicycles Stem and a Ritchey Fork.