Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day Ride

2015 is officially my "first" father's day.  As such I was given the get out of jail free card from my wife and decided a good early morning was in order.  Since most everyone had killed themselves the day before at GF Ellensburg ( ) I was on my own.

The Route
Moxee to Ellensburg via N Wenas Rd.

Started the day super early at 5:00AM threw on my gear and hit the road.  Since I didn't have much experience with the back roads of N Wenas thought I'd take the mountain bike to be safe.  Only a 1X10 and knobby tires I was already prepared for slower speeds but better gearing on the steep stuff.  
Curtlo 29er

By the time I knocked down some breakfast and stopped at the office to pick up my emergency cell phone charger I was running about 30 minutes behind schedule.  With that said I arrived at Wenas lake on time and took a few pics...

Lake Wenas

Wenas lake was a little low for this time of the year but still beautiful.  It was time to get moving up the road.  It has been several years since I've been up by Wenas Lake and thought it was just a few miles before the road turned to gravel.  Its more like 10...

Once on the gravel portion of the ride its surprisingly smooth and the rocks aren't terribly sharp.  The grade is pretty steady and nothing too harsh.  By the time I reach the first summit of N. Wenas Rd it was apparent that my road bike would have made it just fine.

Lots of Trees on the Col de N Wenas

The road from this point was alot of fun and the GPS registered 39 miles of my estimated 52.  I decided to pin it even though I knew there was one climb to go.  Once I hit the second climb I again had doubts about the mtb as a road bike would have handled it just fine.  Toward the top there was some sharper rocks but I'd recommend any one doing this route to take a road bike with some higher volume tires.

Mt Stewart

Once you hit the top of N.Wenas / Umtanum Rd its quite literally all downhill to Ellensburg.  On one of the straight sections of road my GPS registered 50mph!  That should be closer to 60mph on a road bike.  Cruised into town and met up with my little family to have breakfast at the Palace Cafe.  Great little spot and a very memorable first father's day.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

So You Say...

I tell this guy I wanted to get some epic shots of my descent at Freund Canyon in Leavenworth.  He says, "heck ya, I gotta sweet setup- way better than that gobro crap."

Then we met at the trail and well, I think he ate the wrong mushrooms because the last time I saw him we was running down a ridge naked yelling at the android police to stop bitting his arms.  

I did leave a cryptic not on his car-
THX call me when you get to the surface...

Friday, June 12, 2015

Leavenworth Bike and Brew

The 2015 Bike and Brews is in the books and our team rocked it!  This was the last race of the Fat Tire Revolution series and we were one point behind  Vicious Cycles for team points in Cat 2.  We had 12 cat 2 racers make it and closed out our third year in a row as CAT 2 series champs.  Everyone raced hard and had great results especially since temps were in the 90's.  The day wound down with the beer garden which is usually my personal favorite reward.

ESI testimonial from the great Mark Holtzinger

I am 57 years old and race for Set Team/Hilti NW. I started road racing in the 80's and got into the Mtn Biking craze in the early 90's. Like all of us aging athletes, we start falling apart. I recently had carpel tunnel surgery [April 17th] on my left hand [from chronic over use - read-riding so much]. I got my new grips just after surgery. I raced this weekend, first since the surgery. The course had a wicked decent. My ESI grips made it easier to handle the pounding, I was impressed and grateful.

Thanks for a great product. Someone from our team will be forwarding a post race photo. By the way I ended up in 3rd place in the 55+ Cat 2.

Keep up the good work.

Mark Holtzinger

Saturday, May 30, 2015

24 hours in Spokane for real!

The Round and Round 24 hour race in Spokane is always a good time!  It is as much about getting together with family, friends as it is racing!  I look forward to the event every year.  This year we had a five man team and a ten man.  We came away with 2nd and 4th in our catagories respectively and had a blast doing it!  here's some pics with probably more to follow soon!

24 hours in Spokane

So while the 5 man team was practicing their mad disco moves the 10 man team was getting serious!