Monday, September 22, 2014

Leavenworth Weekend

Spent the weekend in Leavenworth with my buddies Scott and Evan Sensenbrenner.  We spent Saturday at Stevens Pass.  What a great area.  If you haven't gone go treat yourself to some downhill without the uphill.  The trails range from completely beginner friendly to fairly technical but they all can be ridden on a trail bike.  The Trance Advance was great up there!  We enjoyed some tasty nectar along the way from our friends at Iron Horse Brewery (Ellensburg).  Sunday was time to check out the local cross country trails.  We rode up through the ski hill area on a new connector that Evergreen has put in, over to Fruend Canyon and back on Rosie Boa!  Great views, fun trails and some climbing for cardio.  All in all we had a blast!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Well, thank you Columbia Women's Cycling Team...

The BIG news in the world today isn't a post- Vuelta positive by a biggie, nor the middle eastern crisis, it's that the women in Columbia wore a skin suit that makes them look over exposed.  Mind you, when your wearing a skin suit, or any lycra for that matter, your just wearing over priced  underwear.  How is it that the cycling clothing industry talked us into believing that the thinest clothing possible is somehow better?  Anyway, I sure the hell won't stop wearing it because I at least feel faster wearing it...

News Flash!
Believe it or not, Brian Cookson and the UCI are  getting on the band wagon.  They will be investigating the kit's and inviting the ladies over for a BBQ after the Giro della Toscana.

 This does however give me some sweet kit ideas for SET COACHING/HILTI-NW.... look out 2015! Well, that is until we get some sponsor dollars, otherwise I will keep researching body paint for the team.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall Means Cyclocross

It’s that time of the year again, cyclocross season! And for a great way to satisfy those competitive juices why not take that gravel grinder (aka cyclocross bike!) to a course near you for some great fun, camaraderie and all around good time. Starting the week following the last of the TCCC rides (TBD), plan to make your way down to Big Cross at 6 pm on Wednesday nights (lights required soon!) where for the next several months where we will have some impromptu cyclocross “practice”; working on barrier skills, run ups, dismounts, etc. with hot laps thrown in to get a great workout. Depending on turn out, we may even be able to have some informal race scenarios. As for the actual events on tap around the NW, wow there are a mind blowing quantity of options this season! Last night was the season kick off Nationally with Sven Nys taking another CrossVegas race. This weekend is “Starcrossed” in Redmond at the Marymoor Velodrome Park, supposed to be the biggest cash payout in US cross this year! A great venue to watch.

Here’s a preliminary “planned” schedule, 8 weekends of racing, 13 events if all accomplished, subject to change of course: Bolded events are my “most likely”

Sandpoint Cyclocross festival – October 4th and 5th (Part of the new Wild West Series this year)

Sky Ranch Cyclocross – Saturday October 18th (part of the Inland Empire Series)


PIR Heron Lakes CX – Sunday October 19th – (Cross Crusade event)

Walla Walla Cyclocross – October 25th and 26th (Part of the Inland Empire Series CLOSE to home! Don’t miss it!)

Thunder Cross – November 1st and 2nd – Missoula, MT (Part of the Wild West Series)

Walters Fruit Ranch CX – Sunday November 9th (Inland Empire Series)


PIR Infield course CX – Sunday November 9th – (Cross Crusade event)

Coeur d’Alene CX Finals – Wild West series – Saturday November 15th

Coeur d’Alene CX event – (Inland Empire Series)

Riverside Rumble CX – Saturday November 22nd (Inland Empire Series)

Washington State Cyclocross Championships – Sunday November 23rd

Inland Empire Series Finals – Cd’L Saturday, December 13th

Here are the links to the above series, as well as additional series around the NW: NEW Series! The world’s biggest! Because the CC is SO big, a Saturday option added couple years back, almost finished already... Seattle area Seattle area

Sure hope you can make some of these either to try out a race, or simply to bang some cowbell and have a great time checking out what this incredibly fun sport is all about.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Nason Ridge

So if you get a chance to hit the lake Wenatchee area you need to!  There are some fantastic trails in the area including the nason Ridge ride which is an out and back.  I  rode about six miles of this which gets you about 2700' in vertical, giving you a good work out as well as great views.  Fun times plus some of the boys from Viscious showed up!  We found a huge tree as well, hence the picks of us looking straight up.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

No Solo

Not a big announcement, but something to consider:

Our blog is team supported now, meaning that there will no longer be a single author (Mostly Joe, Rod, then Damon and Charlie) as in the past.  It is an open forum for team cycling updates.

It is hoped by theorists that this will open more opportunity for quality ride assessments and critical thinking.  It has been stated by the Team SET Coaching/Hilti-NW think tank, rented thru federal funding,  that the " ... ample perfusion of thought and ideas pervasive on the web has equal  footing on the bounding of sociological logistical paradigms and multi-facitudinal perimeters of sub-cultural ethos."

That said, there is no filter on content.